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14 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Social Media

Social media is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The ability to interact with a business via social media can boost customer engagement and loyalty, making it a worthwhile addition to a business marketing strategy. However, some business owners may have questions about social media or concerns they’re not sure how to resolve. Below are 14 questions that a business owner might ask about social media and the answers to each.

1. What Are the Company’s Social Media Goals?

Before setting up a business profile on social media, it’s helpful to establish goals that will guide the company’s actions on each platform. Figuring out the business goals as they relate to social media and interactions with customers also helps those responsible for managing the profile to know how to proceed.

2. What is a Hashtag?

social media questions - hashtag

A hashtag allows users to search for related posts with a shared keyword or phrase. To create a hashtag, include the # sign before a word or phrase. When using a phrase, don’t include any spaces between the words to make it clickable and searchable.

3. Should a Business be on Every Platform? 

Although there are three social media platforms that are most often used by businesses (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), additional platforms continue to pop up and become more popular every day. A business owner may wonder whether they should use the top three sites, set up profiles on new sites, or stick to one platform. The answer to this question depends on the target audience and niche. Businesses with a younger target audience may want to focus on the newest and most popular platforms, while those targeting established professionals may choose to focus their efforts on connecting through LinkedIn.

4. What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are advertisements that can be targeted to specific audiences or individuals. The advertising options offered by the social media giant can extend the reach of a company’s marketing efforts. Ads show up in people’s timelines and news feeds, as well as on the right-hand column of the page. Customization options are available, including advertising to mobile versus desktop users and getting the ads in front of people in a particular area or demographic.

5. Should a Business Share Content from Other Sites?

Sharing content from other sites is an effective element of a social media strategy. It’s particularly effective if the business tags the individual or company who posted it first, as it may show up in the feed of the person tagged, extending the reach of the post. Reposting content can also help a business share more frequently and connect with a wider audience. When choosing content to share, it’s important to choose options from credible sources that appeal to the company’s target audience.

6. How Often Should a Business Post?

The frequency of posts depends on the niche and target audience in which the business operates. However, a company should post often enough to demonstrate its responsiveness and engagement through the platform. If a prospective customer visits a social media page of a business that has only a handful of posts, that individual may not engage with the company. Experimenting with different frequencies can help a social media manager determine the right frequency for the business and the needs of its followers.

7. How Is Social Media Success Measured? 

Measuring success on social media efforts involves tracking metrics and monitoring progress on the goals set when creating profiles. The most common metrics to track include click rates, follower growth, engagement rates, and referral traffic from social media profiles and ads.

8. How Much Time Will a Business Spend Maintaining Its Social Media Presence?

The time spent on social media management depends on the goals of the business. The main factors that go into a social media presence include content; campaign research and creation; engaging with the audience and followers; and posting updates. The frequency of posts will factor into the overall time spent on social media management. Companies that post multiple times per day on various platforms may have full-time social media account managers. Small business owners may allot 10 hours per week for social media.

9. What Mistakes Do Businesses Make on Social Media? 

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is rushing to get content up, rather than taking the time to assess the quality of the content. High-quality content is more engaging and appealing to the audience, so it’s always best to create informative and useful content rather than just throwing posts on the page.

10. How Can a Business Attract Followers?

attract social media followers

Consistency is key in attracting followers that fit into a company’s target audience. Posting high-quality content often that aligns with the brand voice helps a business maintain consistency on social media.

11. What Social Media Management Tools Should a Business Use? 

Social media management tools can save time, particularly for companies that post multiple times per day. Using the tools available can reduce the time spent posting, which boosts productivity and frees up time to focus on other tasks.

12. Is a Facebook Page Required to Create Facebook Ads?

No, a company can advertise on Facebook without setting up a Facebook page. 

13. What is a Social Media Story?

Social media stories are video and photo collections that disappear after 24 hours. Using stories on a business social media page can improve engagement and provide insights into who is viewing the content and interacting with a company’s profile.

14. Does Post Timing Matter?

People are more likely to use social media at certain times of the day, and frequently used times vary by platform. LinkedIn users tend to engage more frequently at the start of the workday, while Instagram and TikTok users tend to log in during break times, such as their lunch hour or in the evening. Timing posts based on the volume of active users can increase engagement and boost the effectiveness of the effort.

Establishing a presence on social media and maintaining consistency are challenges that plague many business owners. LHM Agency can provide visual content that aligns with a company’s social media marketing goals and business growth. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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