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Yelp Ads for HVAC Company

This client, an HVAC company in Lewisville, Texas, had been growing but needed more leads while staying within a limited budget. They approached us to craft an ad strategy to increase their brand visibility and help them attract more customers. Our approach focused on identifying the right audience and enhancing their business.


The Problem

The client is growing, including bringing on new HVAC techs, and needs more leads with a limited budget. They had previously worked with Lokal Media House and enjoyed LMH’s transparent and superior digital marketing strategy for HVAC.

LMH’s Strategy

Yelp Ads

We created a Yelp ads strategy to boost brand visibility and attract customers. This plan includes finding the right audience, improving listing details, and intelligent bidding to reach as many people as possible. We’ve ensured the business profile is complete with eye-catching photos, up-to-date contact info, and excellent descriptions to show key services. Plus, we wrote catchy ad copy that speaks directly to what customers want and used keywords they often search for. Lastly, we keep a close eye on the campaign and adjust it to ensure our Yelp ads strategy keeps bringing in new leads and helping the business grow.

The results: 

1,375% increase in Yelp Ads Leads

$22.31 average Cost Per Lead

ROI for Services: 647%

“I am very happy. My Client Services Manager is very informative and engaged”

The Bottom Line

The client is already seeing a significant impact from the new strategies, with their Yelp ad campaigns providing a remarkable increase in leads at a low cost per lead. They are thrilled to work with us due to our creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking approach. Our team remains dedicated to refining their paid ad strategies and finding new ways to enhance the company’s digital presence. With an optimized blend of Yelp ads, strategic targeting, and engaging content, this HVAC company will be well-positioned for sustainable growth in the local market for years to come.

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