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Make Your Website your best salesperson.

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Set yourself apart.

Put your company ahead of your competitors with a customized website that cuts through the noise and establishes a clear connection with your customers.

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Establish credibility & trust.

You only have about three seconds to make your best impression. Make them count with a visually appealing website that conveys your knowledge and experience.

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Become a household name.

Create a loyal customer-base (who refers you to all of their friends) by positioning yourself as the ultimate guide with high-end branding and a sleek user interface.

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Here’s Why Our Clients Love Us

Zac Bowman

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“Danny and his team has done a lot of design, branding and website work for our companies. They are very good at working to match values with branding etc..I highly recommend Lokal Media to companies looking for a professional company to assist them in anything…

Gabriella Han

image image image image image

“I’ve been working with Lokal Media House for a couple of months now on many projects and I would highly recommend them. Lokal Media is a very professional and highly skilled team. From the brief to the delivery, the process was a breeze and they…

Dennis Collins

image image image image image

“I can honestly say that trusting LMH with my company’s SEO management and PPC advertising was one of the best business decisions that I have made in 2020. This company is run by and employs innovative, smart, hardworking and genuinely caring employees and have done…

Ashley Stroud

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“LMH is a top-of-the-line marketing agency. We stumbled upon this gem of people at a PHCC conference. This team will move mountains to meet your needs. They relentlessly assist YOU, as a business owner, to achieve your goals. They take time to truly understand your…

Nigel Branson

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“We hired Danny Braught and his Lokal Media team to design , re-brand and build our new interactive corporate website. They did a fantastic job. The team is awesome and extremely talented. We also had Lokal Media House make all our marketing videos. If you…

Zac Kuykendall

image image image image image

“I’ve worked with Lokal Media on several different projects and their team always performs above expectations putting in the necessary work to make each project the best it can be. Their media team puts together some of the most stunning visual content in the watersports…

JK Peters

image image image image image

Lokal Media House did a great job in working with us on our updated web-site. They took the time to listen to us and allowed us to make numerous changes. Everyone we dealt with had a great attitude and were problem solvers. In comparison to…

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The LMH Promise

Built for SEO

Let your clients come to you. Websites built and designed for SEO at every level can become your best lead generation tool. We infuse integrity and communication into every part of the process so you know exactly where your leads are coming from and how to optimize in the direction of growth.

Modern Design

Upgrade your presence. Build for your future with a website that’s modern, creative, and simple. Our designers, developers, and writers take the time to get to know you and understand your business so your personality and expertise shine through.

Quality Assured

You deserve the best. When you work with us, you become part of our family. We go through rigorous quality checks and work directly with your team so that your website is accurate, secure, and of the highest quality possible. We provide everything you need to expand and scale as your business evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take?

We have a 100 day process. We have around a month for visual design, a month or so for coding, and around a month for content entry and quality assurance. We keep you in the know every step of the way so you’re never in the dark.

Can I Make Changes?

Absolutely. Websites are living entities, and they’re designed to evolve. We provide ongoing education and maintenance throughout our partnership with you so changes can be made at any time.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our websites are not cheap. We put quality, care, and conscious intention into every detail, which means that we don’t churn out cheaply made websites. We invest the time it takes to make the best website for your business, so the cost can vary from client to client, depending on your needs. Get in touch with us so we can get to know you and help you build the site that will take you to the next level in your business.

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