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How to Create Incredible Niche Paid Campaigns

niche paid campaigns

A niche marketing campaign is not simply a scaled-down version of a broader campaign. Niche marketing relies on targeted paid ads to reach a specific customer base. Advertising in a niche can benefit your business by attracting customers who need what you offer. Find out how to get started creating a niche campaign for your business.

Identify Your Target Audience

When identifying your target customer, get granular. Learn about your customers past the usual demographic information. What interests them? Which social media sites do they populate most? Use this information to create a customer persona that represents your ideal customer. 

Now that you know your customers, how does your business solve their pain points? Your product or service fills a missing corner of the market, and your niche advertising should point out how. Think about the specificity in legal services, whether for real estate law or wills and trusts and how they advertise.

Set Media Goals

Before investing in a paid advertising campaign, set the media goals you want to reach. Be as granular as you were when researching your customer. How many conversions do you want to see? How much time will you spend crafting each ad? Is there a time of day you should focus your advertising because your audience is most active? Set short- and long-term goals, and use the analytics attached to your ad platform to measure your success.

Create an Advertising Budget

Many niche campaigns rely on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. With the right keywords and on the right platforms, your ad ends up in front of your target audience, and you only pay if someone clicks on the ad. Your budget will revolve around the number of clicks you’re looking for and will change as you analyze your conversion rate and streamline your approach. Set a starting budget and revisit it frequently to help you maximize your investment.

Go Granular With Targeting

A successful niche campaign relies on your material ending up in front of the right people. Advertising platforms give you many demographic, location, interest, and activity options, which you can map onto your customer persona. Targeted market research is so important. Platforms also offer the ability to exclude specific criteria. For example, if you’re marketing home services, you’ll want to exclude tourists and visitors to an area.

Remember to Include Keywords

Your keywords matter, too. Choose high-intent keywords such as “buy” that indicate a customer wants to take action. Long-tail keywords help niche campaigns because they are specific. A shorter keyword might capture more people, but not all of these people are looking for your niche. Consider “buy aftermarket automotive parts in Dallas” instead of using a word such as “automotive.”Crafting a niche campaign is ideal for your business and is better with professional help. LMH wants to push your brand into new territory. Our extensive experience with niche campaigns, paid advertising, SEO, and social media means we’re ready to create a campaign for your business. We’re excited to get started, so contact us today for more information.

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