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7 Things to Consider When Writing Content

Content marketing is a powerful and strategic way for a business to build an engaged following. High-quality content can boost page traffic, improve audience engagement, and increase a business’s credibility and authority. However, great digital content depends on a variety of factors. Here are some important things to consider when writing content for websites or social media posts.

1. Create a Terrific Headline

The headline is the most important part of an article since it must get a reader’s attention before they choose to read the rest of the content. Spending extra time refining a headline can improve the overall performance of the content. Using numbers or questions are two ways of creating headlines that make viewers want to read more.

2. Know the Intended Audience

A good headline is just a start to getting a reader’s attention. To get someone to read a page or post, the material must not only get their attention but keep it. Writing for a very specific audience helps hold their attention. Address the specific challenges or questions of the intended audience.

3. Analyze the Competition’s Content

Research content of similar businesses and observe which topics get the most comments or engagement. Use their content to generate ideas of compelling subjects for the audience and write on similar themes. Differentiate the content by adding specific brand elements that distinguish the content from competitors.

4. Conduct Research Before Writing

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When writing content, take time to fully research the topic. Explore what content is currently published and generates engagement with the intended audience. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to search topic popularity by search volume. Once the content’s topic is determined, research the content. Then add credibility by including stats, precise data, and links to credible sources.

5. Share Actionable Tips 

Actionable tips, unique processes, and step-by-step instructions are all popular types of content across a wide variety of audiences. Share valuable information readers can implement or apply right away. The more valuable or relevant, the more likely they are to share it. Focus on problems the target audience struggles with and the business solves.

6. Develop a Unique Brand Voice

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The brand voice is the personality attached to a brand and includes elements like tone, character, and language. Consistency is extremely important for creating a memorable brand voice. Many businesses create a reference sheet identifying specific brand voice elements and terms, especially when the company has multiple content creators. Developing a brand voice starts with analyzing key elements of the business, including its core values, website, and digital assets.

7. Optimize All Content With Best SEO Practices

Digital content is formatted much differently than print or newspaper. Explore best practices for optimizing online content, like short sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and how to use keywords properly.

Writing effective content can increase a business’s organic traffic. Using these tools, such as compelling headlines and optimized content, can go a long way toward improving a website’s performance. Contact the expert design team at LMH Agency to create a solid and unique brand identity, from brand voice to logo to all other visual assets, and improve results from content marketing.

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