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PPC For Plumbers: What No One Is Talking About

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an online advertising model in which a customer purchases ads on a platform and pays the publisher each time a user clicks on the ad. Plumbers can purchase highly targeted ads that only show up in their local area, making this an extremely efficient and affordable advertising strategy. But PPC ads are complex, and businesses can spend the whole advertising budget only to get disappointing results. To create effective ads, here’s what plumbers need to know about PPC that no one is talking about.

Geo-Optimized Ads

One of the key factors for effective PPC advertising is correctly using geotargeting tactics. Since plumbers work within a certain radius, it doesn’t make sense to advertise to consumers living hundreds of miles away. Advertising in locations beyond the business’s range actually harms the performance of the ad campaign because Google will rank it poorly and not show the ad in search results.

Keyword Research and Analysis

ppc for plumbers

Most consumers know what a keyword is, but not many people understand just how important proper keywords are to an ad campaign. For example, using terms like “best plumbing tools” targets DIY consumers instead of those seeking a plumbing service provider. Google Keyword Planner helps identify proper keywords for all types of businesses and shows the popularity of each term. Researching and analyzing keywords is necessary to create successful pay-per-click ads.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is one of the more challenging skills of online marketing. Optimizing keywords includes researching keywords, analyzing the best keywords for the ad, and monitoring its performance over time. Keyword optimization is extremely important in PPC marketing because Google analyzes ad quality and won’t show ads if keywords aren’t properly optimized. 

While finding optimal keywords is necessary, it’s equally important not to overuse words and word sets. Using too many related keywords dilutes the page’s content and negatively impacts Google’s quality rating of the ad, resulting in less ad visibility.

Negative Keywords

Another tricky aspect of keywords is learning how to correctly use negative keywords. Using DIY as a negative keyword will prevent a business’s ads from showing on results including the term DIY. Advertisers benefit by using negative keywords because consumers searching for DIY tips aren’t looking to hire a plumber, and ads won’t show on searches containing negative keywords, preventing wasted PPC advertising fees.

Landing Pages

PPC ads that send leads to a home page aren’t as effective as sending leads to a landing page. Landing pages generate more leads and convert more prospects. A clear call to action (CTA) on the landing page builds the company’s prospect database.

Plumbers can get great results from well-targeted PPC advertising. Understanding some of these lesser-known facts can improve pay-per-click ad campaigns and result in far greater returns for PPC advertising. While knowing these tactics can improve ad results, pay-per-click marketing is complex. PPC ads require consistent monitoring, analysis, testing, and tweaking. Contact an expert digital marketing company like LMH Agency to create effective PPC advertising campaigns, boost SEO, increase website traffic, and greatly improve ROI on advertising dollars.

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