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Why You Still Need SEO (Even If You Don’t Sell Anything Online)

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A major misconception is that you don’t necessarily need local SEO if you don’t sell products online. Nothing could be further from the truth!

A foundational component of a healthy digital marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is essential for service-based businesses because it helps make sure that people who are looking for your services can actually find you.

If your business has a website, which it most definitely should, understanding how to build it out so that you show up first when someone searches for you is key to your success. 

With that said, here’s a deeper look into SEO benefits, why they matter, and how you can embrace them to get better leads in your local area. 

Prioritize Local Rankings and SEO

Simply put, your search engine ranking is how close you are to the top of the Google search results (or other platforms) when people search for your services. 

For example, if someone searches “Plumber near me”, you want to make sure you’re positioned to show up right away so you’re the first one they call. Even better if you have a steady stream of positive customer reviews on your Google My Business page.

You do this by creating content with well-researched and cleverly placed keywords that put you ahead of your local competition in your local area. Being at the top of the list leads to more clicks and, ultimately, more customers.

If you have a home services company, you might consider creating content that relates to the region you serve and provides valuable information to your potential clients. When they find you to be a local, trusted advisor and helpful in answering their question, they naturally feel comfortable working with you. 

This sequence of events happens because you used SEO and improved your search engine ranking.

Boost Your Professionalism and Credibility

A solid SEO keyword strategy can help make sure you’re using the verbiage and tone your visitors will immediately resonate with, boosting your professionalism and credibility right off the bat.

To go a step further, it helps tremendously to have a modern, intentional website with clear calls to action and simple, effective language so qualified prospects know exactly how they can work with you. And none of this matters if they can’t find you when they’re searching for you!

Ensuring your SEO helps you rank highly on search engines means more business for you. 

Improve Customer Experience

improve customer experience with local SEO

A proper SEO schema can help ensure that your customers and clients can easily find your services, helpful articles, and contact information so they can get in touch with you. 

We’re in an increasingly digital world, and an optimized website helps your company provide the best experience throughout your customer’s journey.

What’s more, you can improve your brand reputation and search engine ranking with the help of an automated review tool that immediately follows up with your customers to ask for (and publish) 4-5 star reviews. Google crawls your reviews to make sure you’re a credible source, so having as much great feedback as you can on your listings can both improve your current customer experience and get you more leads. 

Are you a home service professional needing help creating a website or a local SEO strategy so you can get more leads and reach? 

Everyone on our team at LMH Agency is passionate about supporting the trades and making sure you’re able to gain the traction and predictable income you deserve for everything you do for the community. Give us a call today or get in touch with us, we’d love to help you! 

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