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Beyond Basic: 15 Fresh Social Media Tips for 2022

The digital landscape continues to change, with new social media platforms and recommendations popping up regularly. You can grow your social media accounts by following some fresh tips and turning followers into leads.

Tailor Your Content

It’s essential to tailor the content you share to your target audience. Increase engagement by encouraging people to share and respond to tailored posts.

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Understand Instagram Saves

Instagram now allows users to save content they like and come back to it later, so make sure you understand the benefit of saving and encourage users to save what you share. Don’t forget to look into the value of Instagram guides as well.

Try Different Content Styles

Although high-quality, curated content is vital, that’s not the only thing you can share. Experiment with different types of content, from engaging videos to memes and GIFs, to see what your audience likes best.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers have loyal fan bases, typically between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. Working with a micro-influencer can increase your reach while fitting into your marketing budget. 

Test Ad Options 

Most social media platforms have ads, and you can and should make paid ads part of your social media strategy. When placing ads, test different styles and platforms to see what works best. 

Avoid the Hard Sell

Whether you manage a social media account for a business in the legal, automotive, or home services industry, it’s best to stay away from hard-selling on this platform. Focus on building relationships and instilling trust rather than always selling.

Establish a Brand Voice

Authenticity and consistency are fundamental to social media users, so establish your brand voice and adhere to it.

Ask for Feedback

Encouraging followers to engage with your content boosts your social media rankings and gives you helpful information to adjust your strategy. Ask for feedback on at least some of the content you post to find out what resonates.

Optimize Visuals for Mobile

Most social media users are on mobile devices. Optimize your visual content accordingly.

Go Live

Research suggests that live video will make up 17% of all internet traffic by the end of 2023. Be part of this growth by regularly going live on your social media platforms.

Join Groups

Engaging with the community on social media helps you reach a wider audience. Join relevant groups on various platforms and be part of discussions within them.

Offer Customer Support

Social media has become a valuable customer support tool, minimizing the need for customers to call or email a business. Make your brand more enticing to those who don’t want to make a phone call. 

Always Listen

Social listening involves staying current on how your target audience is communicating and what topics are most important. Use the information you glean to improve and adjust your strategy.

Use Short Videos

Short-form videos are popular among users of all ages. Keep your video content brief and engaging.

Request User-Generated Content 

Creating and using hashtags can help your social media presence grow, especially since they encourage user-generated content. When real people post about a business positively, it helps build credibility and support.

Apply these simple social media tips to your strategy and watch your presence and engagement levels grow. You can solve your digital marketing struggles by implementing a few changes, regardless of what platforms you use.

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