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Local Businesses: 6 Social Media Posts You Can Use This Week

6 Social Media Posts for Local Businesses - LMH Agency

Social media is a great way for your local businesses to connect with your community and reach wider audiences. However, it’s often challenging to come up with new ideas for content. There are a few types of social posts that businesses in multiple industries can adapt to their own products, services, and target audiences. Here are six different examples of ready-made social media posts.

1. Customer Testimonials

One great idea for your local business is to add customer testimonials to your social media pages. These testimonials can build trust with your audience and generate new leads. Adding a customer’s first name, a photo, and a summary of their review can make these types of posts even more impactful (please note: before posting a customer’s testimonials to social media, it’s important to gain their consent.)

2. Live Videos

Many social media platforms allow you to broadcast live videos. Live videos can help your company connect with your audience and display the human side of your business. They allow customers to engage directly with your business, increasing rapport and trust. Some ideas for live videos include live selling, question-and-answer videos with staff members, or an informational video answering customers’ frequently asked questions. 

3. User-generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content includes social media content that customers or clients post on a behalf of your business. For example, a customer might post a photo of their newly landscaped front yard, then tag the local business responsible for the job. That company can repost this photo as promotional content. This can increase trust with the business’s current audience. Using branded hashtags and an easily identifiable social media profile can increase the likelihood of UGC for your company.

4. Go Behind the Scenes

You can post a “day in the life” content, showing all your social media followers what daily work is like at your company’s facilities or offices. Another example is to demonstrate how your business completes a task. For example, a plumbing company can post a behind-the-scenes video of how they load their equipment into a truck. These posts can increase the connection between a company and its target audience.

5. Provide Tips or Tricks

Providing tips or tricks to the audience is another easy way to produce social media content. The best method for this involves posting techniques that directly relate to the services your business provides. For example, a law firm might create a post with a few tips on how to handle a minor legal issue. These posts can show the audience that your business wants to provide relevant, useful content.

6. Use Funny Images

Memes are funny images widely circulated on the internet. Your company can create memes about your services to contextualize them for your target audience. For example, a local tattoo parlor might change a meme’s caption to make a joke that encourages users to schedule an appointment. Using funny images can help your business create a fun, inviting social media presence that helps a local audience feel understood and connected. These are just a few simple ideas that you can incorporate into your social media accounts. Contact us at LMH Agency to learn more ideas about how to maximize your business’s marketing efforts.

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