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Benefits of Paid Advertising: Drive More Conversions

benefits of paid advertising

Paid advertising has come a long way from billboards and newspaper ads. Today, digital advertising allows you to get your ad in front of the people most likely to become customers. This effective use of an advertising budget is your new tool for generating leads and converting customers. 

Measure and Track Your Advertising Results

Tracking the success of digital ads is easy. You can track clicks, impressions, and conversions with pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-mille (CPM) ads (also called cost per thousand). You don’t pay unless someone clicks the PPC ad, which is ideal if you’re trying to generate website traffic. With CPM ads, you pay per 1,000 impressions, or the number of times your ad appears. 

CPM ads help you create brand awareness. The statistics for each ad type illustrate how well your campaign is performing and whether you’re generating your target number of conversions.

Engage More People on Social Media

Today, getting engagement solely through organic (non-paid) content is difficult. Paid advertising is more likely to end up in front of your intended audience than organic content. 

Ads targeted at your customer base’s demographic will generate leads. The individuals behind these leads will feel motivated to check out the organic content on your social media pages and website. Paying for targeted ads displayed in social media feeds lets potential customers know you exist.

Reach Niche Markets

Paid ads are powerful at reaching a niche demographic. If you’re advertising legal or home services for a physical location, paid ads can target only people within a certain radius of your business. 

When you set up paid ads, use your customer profile to refine the audience your ad will reach. Factors like keywords, interests, demographic information and career details will help you define that niche. Remember that long-tail keywords are better than broad keywords targeting an audience looking for your specific product or service.

Control How Much You Spend

You can set budgets with paid advertising. In a PPC model, you choose the number of clicks to pay for when creating your campaign. Once you reach these clicks, your ad stops appearing. Since you control how much advertising you pay for, you aren’t in danger of accidentally overspending. If an ad is more successful than you thought, scale up your budget immediately. If an ad is flopping, you can pause its run before spending too much on something that isn’t working.

Test Ads Across Platforms

The factors above come together to allow you to test several marketing strategies across different ad platforms. Say you’re an automotive shop. Try testing the same ad for a repair special on two social media platforms to see which platform offers more conversions. You could also run two versions of your repair special ad on the same platform to test which version creates more leads. The real-time analytics and budget control make running these tests efficient and easy.

Get the most out of your paid ads by working with experienced professionals. LMH offers paid advertising services, including analysis and optimization, to get your brand in front of your next batch of customers. Contact us today to get started.

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