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Unspoken Rules of Mediocrity (and How to Break Them)

Unspoken Rules of Mediocrity - LMH Agency

I’ve always been kind of a rule-breaker. It’s gotten me into trouble from time to time. 

But more so, breaking the rules has allowed me to shift from mediocre living to a meaningful and super fulfilling existence. No matter the endeavor (from small business digital marketing to improving your life experience), there are a few “rules” that are outdated and counter to the limitless possibilities available to us as community leaders.

Rules Were Made to be Broken

If you’re into figuring out how to maximize your life, I have three rules you’ve probably heard of that you might be interested in BREAKING.

1. Don’t make waves. I’m not advocating for being a bull in a china shop (and certainly try not to be an a$$hole), but make the waves. Have a purpose. Find your team. Get clear on your vision and take action from a place of integrity. 

2. Listen to your friends and family. They mean well, but unconscious fears from friends and family can block your success and direction. Consider any input from your loved ones while using your own compass (and ideally strong data sets) to guide you. They’ll respect you for it. 

3. Don’t push yourself too hard. I’m not telling you to burn yourself out, but I am here to encourage you to find your edge. Push yourself to work smarter, not harder. Study the people you admire, emulate new business models, and take action in areas of your life where you might not be challenging your growth. 

Resources for Creating Your Own Rules

Review some of the cognitive biases and rules you typically follow that could be holding you back. To help you out with this, here are a few resources I love.

Read: Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller 

Listen: Impact Theory: How to Master Your Negative Thoughts and Use Them for Good

Life Hack: “The Two-Minute Rule” – If a task comes to your plate that will take less than two minutes (start to finish), just do it. This keeps your list of ‘“I’ll do it later” tasks from piling up. 


Danny Braught
CEO, LMH Agency

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