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The client is a local plumbing company serving the Taylor, TX area. When they came to us, they’d already established themselves in their area with plenty of testimonials from clients, but they needed more website traffic and better system to qualify great leads. We implemented a simple, clean approach to lead gen with a fresh, modern website, organic SEO, and targeted paid advertising.


Fresh New Website

To fully draw people into the high bar the client sets for quality and efficiency, we redesigned their website to be more simplified, actionable, and accessible to customers who quickly wanted to get in touch immediately right from the first third of the home page. 

Key improvements included:

  • Bringing the opt-in form up from the very bottom of the page
  • Optimizing their navigation bar so prospects could find what they needed within 1-2 clicks,
  • Relocating their service offerings to be more clearly visible (and searchable for Google)
  • Using technical SEO to build a strong foundation for their growth 
  • Authentic copy that felt true to their brand and core messaging

LMH is a top-of-the-line marketing agency. This team will move mountains to meet your needs. They relentlessly assist YOU, as a business owner, to achieve your goals.”- Client

Organic SEO Traffic

While the client initially had decent organic traffic thanks to their blog articles, their traffic was trending downward. We implemented a keyword gap analysis to rank for the best local keywords and overhauled their blogs an

In addition to on-site SEO through keywords and content, our team worked diligently to improve client’s local online presence by focusing on three key aspects: increasing citations, acquiring high Domain Authority (DA) backlinks, and optimizing their Google Business Profile (GBP). 


Over the past year, our team created nearly 100 new citations for the client. Citations are mentions of the business on various online directories, which play a crucial role in local search rankings. Building consistent and accurate citations directly boosted the client’s local visibility and credibility. 


In the same period, the client gained 300 new high DA backlinks thanks to our strategic work in the background. Backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites signal to search engines that the company’s website is trustworthy and relevant, leading to improved organic search rankings. 

The acquisition of high-quality backlinks contributed to better organic traffic and search engine rankings for the client.

Google Business Profile Optimization

We focused on optimizing the client’s Google Business Profile (GBP) to increase customer engagement and interaction. As a result, their GBP saw an impressive 219% year-over-year increase in interactions. 

This optimization included updating business information, adding photos, responding to customer reviews, and regularly posting relevant content.

By optimizing the profile and adding two new GBP listings this year, we’ll seek to increase the company’s visibility in local search results and drive more leads.

Calls: +160% YoY

Website Clicks: +176% YoY

Business Profile Impressions: +97% YoY

Business Profile Interactions: +219% YoY

Paid and Local Service Ads (LSAs) Strategy and Results

In December 2022, we introduced optimized landing pages, paid ads, and Local Service Ads (LSAs) to the client’s marketing mix. LSAs are paid advertising specifically designed for local service providers like plumbers. Through constant optimizations, we achieved remarkable results for the client with LSAs: 

January 2023 – May 2023 Performance

Return On Ad Spend 442%

Total lead numbers 456, CPL $60.74

Collectively, the ads helped the client connect with local customers actively seeking plumbing services, resulting in substantial revenue generation.

As an owner of a small, local, plumbing company, their expertise and communication has been second to none. They will be your trusted guide the entire away. Start making your marketing $$ actually work for you: Call LMH!” – Client

The Bottom Line

The client experienced substantial improvements in its online presence and customer reach through a comprehensive digital marketing approach. 

The SEO efforts increased citations and valuable backlinks, improving the company’s organic search rankings. Optimizing the Google Business Profile significantly increased customer interactions, enhancing the brand’s credibility.

The introduction of LSAs proved to be a game-changer, delivering outstanding returns and attracting local customers needing plumbing services.

Our team at LMH continues to work closely with the client, constantly fine-tuning new paid ad campaigns and exploring new avenues for expanding the company’s digital presence. With the right mix of SEO, paid ads, and LSAs, the client has positioned itself as a prominent player in the local plumbing industry, driving increased traffic, leads, and predictable revenue.

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