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This client is an award-winning landscape architect in Dallas, Texas. They fell behind the competition after a previous marketing failure to transfer any SEO value to the new website. In urgent need of a turnaround, they sought a landscaping digital marketing agency capable of devising a recovery strategy to rebuild and enhance their online presence and dominance in the landscaping marketing field.


The Problem

Not only did the client see a decline in website traffic, but he was infuriated that his competitors moved past him in crucial keyword ranking as he fell off the first page. This led them to search for a new marketing partner, specifically one skilled in digital marketing for landscapers, to swiftly improve their keyword rankings. While moving to a new website, they lost 84% of their keywords; We aimed to turn this around as quickly as possible.

LMH’s SEO Strategy

The client’s SEO was steeply declining. We created a new strategy to rebound their keywords as fast as Google would allow. This strategy was a blend of on-site optimizations, website content updates, and a focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks, embodying the essence of landscaping SEO services. Optimizations to their Google Business Profile were also part of the plan, showcasing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for landscapers.

The results: 

  • 286% increase in total keywords
  • 118% increase in top ten keywords (including keyword difficulty of 74%)
  • 122% increase in organic website traffic
  • ROI for Services: 1,869%

A testament to LMH’s effective landscaping digital marketing agency approach is when asked, ‘on a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Lokal Media House to a friend?’

The client answered 10/10.

The Bottom Line

With strategic intervention, LMH’s landscaping client in Dallas achieved amazing growth and recovery from past losses in marketing. These outcomes demonstrate both our dedication to quality and the revolutionary power of a skillfully implemented digital marketing strategy for landscapers. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results is demonstrated by the client’s journey from digital obscurity to market leadership, which paves the way for future success and innovation in the landscaping marketing agency realm.

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