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4 Advertising Trends for Your Landscape Business

advertising trends

The landscape industry is actively growing, presenting an abundance of opportunities for businesses in this space. Advertising is essential for landscaping companies to connect with new audiences and expand their existing customer bases. 

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s crucial for much of this advertising to take place online. Strategies like SEO, PPC, website design, and social media marketing can make a dramatic difference for growing your landscape business. Use these methods to effectively spread the word about your landscaping business and gain valuable new leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of organically improving a site’s ranking through prudent keyword use. For your landscaping company, the best SEO is a combination of relevant service-related keywords and local keywords targeting the service area. 

A whopping 97% of people use the internet to learn more about a company. After performing a mobile search for a local business, 88% of consumers call or visit that business within 24 hours. It’s important for any local service provider to create content that will capture this audience of shoppers who are actively looking to make a purchase.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC ads help get landscaping companies to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). If this prime placement garners attention, your company will pay for each click. It’s important to use the right keywords in PPC advertising so these clicks effectively convert into sales. You can gradually hone your PPC presence to yield lucrative results by paying close attention to campaign performance. It’s also important to optimize the landing page for effective sales, keeping essential information and the latest promotions front and center.

Social Media

Social media offers the opportunity for your landscaping business to actively engage with your customers. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Using them all for their optimal features can help your company deliver a powerful, multifaceted campaign. Highlight brilliant imagery on Instagram, target Facebook for interaction and post brief announcements to Twitter. Manage these social media accounts active and respond to all comments, messages, and shares promptly. For your landscaping company, visual posts are especially impactful. Social media offers the optimum space to showcase your successful jobs and seasonal outdoor features.

Website Design

A landscape company’s website is a prime point of contact for customers. This is the ideal place for a visual portfolio of the business’ work. Use photos or even videos to bring beautiful landscapes to life and inspire new potential customers to start their own projects. Keep contact information readily visible at all times so the visitor never has to search for the next step when they’re ready to convert. Include a detailed page for each service so customers can easily find all the information they need to research their needs and understand how your company will meet them.

A mindful combination of sleek website design, smart SEO, engaging social media content, and prudent PPC advertising can yield powerful results for your landscaping business. Working with a professional advertising team can help ease the burden on internal employees while garnering outstanding results.

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