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15 Simple Website Color Schemes and Moodboards

Website Color Schemes and Moodboards

Color is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to your website design. It can be used to attract the attention of new customers, express depth, drive conversions, and even earn a customer’s loyalty. Good color choices require careful planning and a strategic eye. When done correctly, your colors can influence how your website and brand are interpreted as high quality (along with a simple layout and great copy).

So why is color so important in website design?

Color helps us to process and store images and feelings differently, and having a cohesive theme across your branding can help increase recognition and assert your business as best in class. 

Fundamentals of Color

Here’s a quick breakdown of the fundamental basics of color emotions in your branding to help you understand how to be intentional with your design so you can optimize results in your home services or local business. 

  • Greens: Bring a sense of soothing, calm, and reassurance. Signifies wealth, growth, and prosperity. 
  • Oranges: Evoke energy, desire, warmth, and confidence
  • Yellows: Promote enlightening, abundance, clarity, optimism
  • Reds: Evoke passion, commands attention, courage, urgency
  • Blacks: Bring a sense of sophistication, power, formality, mystery 
  • Grays: Promote balance, neutrality, security, authority, maturity 
  • Whites: Evoke freshness, hope, goodness, light, cleanliness
  • Golds: Bring a sense of wealth, success, generosity, wisdom, and charisma
  • Browns: Promote stability, reliability, organic, rootedness

Example Color Schemes for Your Business

Here are 17 excellent choices for color schemes that can help transform your website into a powerful, trustworthy source of inspiration for your customers. 

Bold Color Choices for Success

If you want to make a statement on your website and in your social media branding, bold colors with deep notes will strike the right cord. Think in terms of contrasting golds and oranges with blues and greens.

Muted Colors for a Quiet Confidence

Play on the earth tones of nature to exude a quiet, grounding confidence. This will resonate deeply with your customer’s inherent journey. 

Blues and Greens for Wealth, Credibility, and Trust

If a calm sense of tranquility, integrity, and wisdom is what you’d like to convey, then opt for a color palette that provides a foundation of blues and greens with a pop of contrast. 

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